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Exclusive FREE Training for Frustrated Female Managers Stuck in the Endless Tug-of-War Between Team and Boss

Unlock a Balanced Leadership Life: Ditch “Managerial Overwhelm” & Soul-Crushing 60-Hour Weeks Without Sacrificing Performance

Introducing The Proven PEAK Method: Your New Strategy for Leading Successfully, Meeting KPIs, and Saying Goodbye to Burnout (While Still Staying True to Yourself)

In this training you will learn:

  • The 3 Leadership LIES Most Women Have Been Told Which Actually Make them Less Effective & More Likely to be Overlooked as Leaders

  • How To Transform Any Fear Of “Not Being Cut Out For Leadership & Boldly Go After The Success You Want

  • The Exact Strategy To Get 3x More Done In Less Time WITHOUT Burning Out Or Cutting Corners

  • PLUS: My #1 Hack To Beat Self Doubt And 10x Your Trust In Your Judgement (And Your Team)

Meet your leadership coach

I'm Charlotte Rooney, a leadership coach for ambitious, high achieving & driven women.

I've been leading teams for 25 years, ever since I took my first assistant manager job in a bookstore in Michigan at 17.

Since then, I've:

  • led teams of volunteers in the mountains of India, Peru, Honduras & Guatemala 

  • taught Bolivian teenagers entrepreneurship & sustainable agribusiness (and 10x the school's revenue in 1 year)

  • run multimillion pound humanitarian responses in remote war zones 

  • managed eager, intelligent & confident consultants at McKinsey & Co 

  • and grown a startup from 3 to nearly 100 people in less than 3 years (and in the process built a team so self-sufficient that I put myself out of a job!)

I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds learning everything I can about leadership and management, and how the specific expectations affect women.

All so that I can now bring that expertise to you.

I'm on a mission to help 1000 women become the diverse, authentic and incredible leaders they were born to be - without burning out, without missing out and without becoming "Men (with boobs)" to meet some unrealistic patriarchal standards.

Are you in?

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Real Leaders.

Real Breakthroughs.

Real Fun.

Get Ready For Authentic, inspirational leadership 

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