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Free Guide for when your feedback SUCKED but you want to use it as a catalyst for your future success

Make Feedback Useful

Discover a simple, proven method for using crappy feedback to your advantage, even if you just wanted to cry when you heard what your boss had to say...


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Who is Charlotte Rooney?

Coach, Mentor & Trainer for ambitious women who want to be the best managers & leaders they can be, without sacrificing their identity or values.

As a former humanitarian aid worker, ex-McKinsey consultant and life long business owner, I know that women like us want it all.

A career with impact, financial reward, peer recognition, interesting problems to solve and challenges aplenty. But also time for ourselves, our families & friends and to sleep!

I'm committed to building a world where that is not only possible, but is the norm, by helping thousands of women to build the world they believe in, without burning out. 

That's why I have dedicated the last few years (since my own burnout) to learning all about how to optimise work / life fit for the next generation of C suite leaders, and helping my clients to define and achieve success in ways that genuinely feel good.

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