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Burnout prevention, Life Coach

Making burnout a thing of the past:
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I discuss the definitions of burnout, what causes it, and how you can start to recover from burnout if you're feeling like you need to.

I am joined by Rebekah Saltzman who is an expert in decluttering.  We discuss how having the right objects around you can impact your wellbeing, and even help you recover from burnout.

Megan Camacho and I talk about setting boundaries at work and with family, avoiding the perfectionist trap and taking better care of yourself so that you can avoid burning out.

LaKeisha Entsuah joined me to discuss how she optimised for more sleep when she was recovering from burnout, and why it is so important

Burnout can affect all of us.  India shares their experience and how they bounced back from burnout to be a successful entrepreneur.  They offer their top tips for beating burnout.

The founder of Mindful Men Simon Rinne offers his best advice on how to beat burnout, hoe to recover and how to prevent future burnout.  

Carrie Severson's book explores how our thoughts and mindset contribute to our experience in the world, and what it means to decide for yourself that you are going to be the truest version of you - without apology.

Burnout survivor Lexi Suarez discusses how she knew that she was burning out and the steps she has taken to recover.  You'll learn the things to look out for, and a great strategy for spotting the signs before it's too late

We sometimes believe that it's the job we work in, or the boss we have that is causing us to burn out.  But that's only part of the story.  Listen here as Leah Stone shares her journey from corporate to entrepreneurship and how she avoids burnout now that she is her own boss.

Entrepreneurship can be challenging, and it is vital to have enough mental stamina for the highs and lows of your journey.  Andrea Chase shares her top tips for building the stamina needed to launch and scale multiple businesses.

Charlotte Lester (the Burnout Slayer) talks everything systems and processes and how she helps her clients to scale their businesses without scaling their workload.

70-80% of us have suffered from imposter syndrome at some point in our lives - whether at work or at home.  In this conversation Jane Fleming digs into the limiting beliefs at the base of imposter syndrome and how you can start to unravel them

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