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PEAK Leadership

Connect with your authentic leadership style

Are you ambitious, driven, conscientious and determined to be the best manager & leader you can be?

You've already tried the obvious routes:

✅ You've read Lean In, Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office & Start with Why

✅ You've done ALL the in-house training (in fact, you're probably the "best trained" manager in the business by now)

✅ You KNOW you know your stuff - it's why you got promoted to begin with...


BUT… It feels like there's no easy path in front of you, and all the well meaning advice to:

... be less humble and talk about the value you add

    ... allow people to fail rather than step in and fix everything

        ... and also find opportunities to be more visible

Seems like it makes sense, but you're still struggling to make it work!

AND If you do figure it out, you’re afraid you'll become someone you don't recognise (or even like) who is arrogant, and domineers conversations, and profits from other people's failures.


I see SO MANY WOMEN, just like you, paralysed by that dilemma. But I promise you that it doesn't have to be this way.

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