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burnout coaching
90 days to create the life you love

How to beat Burnout

Is your work a source of joy for you?

Or are you starting to feel:

  • frustrated?

  • under appreciated? 

  • controlled by your inbox? 

  • and like nothing you do is making that much difference anyway?  

Are you worried that you are burning out?

Imagine loving your day to day work, ending every day with more energy than when you started, spending hours everyday in flow AND making all the money you want.


I can help you love your work, your life, your business and your free time - in just 90 days.

You always feel exhausted. You can never get enough rest, and the weekend just isn’t long enough to recover from the week.  You might be finding it hard to get to sleep, or having more broken nights than before.


You don’t care anymore about things that used to matter - maybe it is a cause you believe in, or the reason you joined the organisation you work for, or even the reason you left corporate and set up your business.  What used to light you up just isn't compelling any more.


You struggle to get things done that used to be easy.  You find it hard to concentrate or tackle new challenges.  Every request from a colleague, boss or client seems too much - but saying “No” feels impossible too.


You feel frustrated, stressed, irritable, impatient or useless.  You can’t remember anything that you are proud of or what you do for fun.  Frankly, you just wish that this was all over.


You find yourself getting sick more often than you used to.  It might be a cold you can’t seem to shake, a persistent headache or something more serious.

What are the signs of Burnout?

Imagine if you didn’t hate your job
- but actually enjoyed it

What if you could have more energy after work than before?  And weekends weren’t for recovery, but for play, connection and pleasure?


What if you could reconnect with the passion that you felt when you started, and feel the fire again of knowing that you were making a positive difference in the world?


Imagine looking at your to do list, smiling and knowing that you had it all under control, and that you could figure out any challenge that comes your way


Imagine feeling calm, happy, motivated and confident again.  Thinking “I’m looking forward to Monday” (and every day!), and being excited about the progress you’re making.


Imagine waking up in the morning and not struggling to hit the snooze button several times before stumbling blurry-eyed to the coffee machine.  What if you could sleep soundly, and feel refreshed and healthy in the morning?

Image by Radu Florin

Bounce Back before you Burn out

If you're tired, overworked, overwhelmed, frustrated or just starting to be "over it" - you're in the right place. Don't worry. There is lots that you can do to avoid burning out and start to feel better today.  


Burnout is the result of a mismatch between your day to day and your personal values, the impact you want to make and your expectations.  Burnout is not inevitable.  


While you may not be able to immediately change your job, your boss, pivot your business or reduce the number of tasks on your to do list, there are lots of things you CAN control.  

  • The way you manage your time and tasks​

  • How you know when you are "done"

  • How you respond when that email flashes up from your boss at 4:55pm on Friday afternoon

  • The way you talk to yourself when things don't go as planned

  • How you celebrate your wins

  • The boundaries you set for yourself and how you enforce them

  • How you decide what you want to change, and what you want to accept

I develop strategies for all of those with my clients.  Tailored to what feels authentic to you, drawn from positive psychology, coaching, negotiation tactics which work with CEOs and Congolese rebel leaders, and from years of experience in high stress, always on jobs.

Hit the button below to book an entirely free session with me where I will help you to start uncovering where you are needing some support, so that you can start feeling better today.


You’ll learn everything you need to know to make burnout a thing of the past.

What's included?

  1. Weekly 1:1 hour long coaching calls (over Zoom) so that you can learn to manage your mindset, and reconnect with your purpose.

  2. Personalised tools and exercises drawn from research studies which you can include in your everyday routine for more calm, relaxation, energy, joy, connection and flow.  

  3. Library of audiovisual resources and worksheets to refer to at any time to help you get the most out of the tools and exercises which work for you

  4. Scientifically validated body based practices to help you learn to complete your stress cycles, recognise your activation and nurture the mind-body connection.

  5. Online & self paced assessments to identify your personality type, strengths, values, chronotype and more, as well as to track your progress 

My blocks don't seem like big mountains

Thank you for this morning, so insightful. I felt like you helped me really see where my blocks are and they now don’t seem like big mountains. 

I can see a positive way through to actually get me to my goals. 

I love how you helped me tune back into my body when my thoughts were spiralling - brilliant session.

- Tamsin

Find pleasure & purpose

Are you ready to…?

  • Feel energised by your work, not depleted.  Regain your evenings and weekends for pleasure, connection & renewal.

  • Know that you are making a difference, and feel the pull of your purpose in the way you spend your days

  • Feel in control of your to-do list, on top of your systems, delegate and outsource with authority and confidence

  • Look forward to Mondays, so you can get stuck into your zone of genius

  • Sleep soundly, knowing that you are doing what you were born to do?

Meet your Mindset & Burnout Coach

My name is Charlotte Rooney

Hi. I'm on a mission to make burnout a thing of the past and build a world of work which works for us.


I burnt out - so you don’t have to.


Using lessons learned over a decade of experience hustling for happiness and worth in all the wrong places, two coach certifications and positive psychology tools I help passionate people to manage their thoughts, energy and well-being so that they can do work they care about and enjoy it - no gaslighting, no toxic positivity, no burning out..


How to work with me

Are you ready to bounce back?

In this programme you will get:

  • Weekly hour long 1:1 coaching sessions (Value £1950)

  • Personalised tools, techniques and exercises to manage your mindset (Value £999)

  • Scientifically validated body practices to soothe your nervous system (Value £999)

  • A library of resources so you can double check how to do any exercise, at any time (Value £499)

  • Regular assessments to track your progress (Value £250)

You can love your work, your life, your business and your free time - in just 90 days.


To get started, schedule a free introductory call now

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