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Women's leadership coach, get promoted, get recognized at work

About Me

Certified coach, women's leadership coach
Get promoted at work, leadership coaching, burnout prevention
Feel valued at work, get promoted, get a promotion

"It's amazing what you can achieve with a half managed mind"

Get a promotion, women's leadership coach

Hi. I'm Charlotte Rooney.  


I'm a leadership coach & management mentor for women who want to manage their teams, bosses and their workload so that they can build wildly successful careers and lives they love.

As a former humanitarian aid worker, ex-McKinsey consultant and life long business owner, I know that women like us want it all.

A career with:

  • impact 

  • financial reward 

  • peer recognition 

  • interesting problems to solve and challenges aplenty.

But also time for ourselves, our families & friends and to sleep!

Our Values

Connected self reliance

We are all inherently whole, sufficient and worthy and at the same time, stronger, happier and healthier in connected community with others

Joyful progress

We do not let perfection get in the way of forward motion.

We find ways to enjoy the process of discovering what works best for each client, tailored to their strengths, preferences & ambitions

Rational Idealism

We passionately believe in the potential for individuals to make the world a better place through rational thought, action taking, evidence collection & iterative reflection.

Compassionate Responsibility

Taking responsibility for what you can control and gracefully allowing what you cannot is central to the way we coach at A Half Managed Mind.

Radical Candour

We care personally about each and every client we serve. We are fiercely on your side.

And we will tell you what you need to hear to become the leader you want to be. Even if it feels uncomfortable.

Successful women

My Story

Is what you do for work a critical part of who you are - so much so that you can't imagine who you would be without it?

I spent over a decade in aid work, desperately seeking impact and worthiness through my job.  I lived in the most remote villages, without electricity or running water, ran mobile health clinics in the Congo, and taught Tibetan refugees in India.  And even though I literally spent all of my time trying to serve others - it never felt like enough.


I was a management consultant for 4 years too.  Working with some of the smartest people I have ever met,  my job was to help some of the world's most recognised businesses solve whatever problems were in front of them. I travelled 4 days every week, never stayed on a project longer than 3 months and put my entire life on hold to create the impact we were known for.  But that didn't make me feel useful either.

Then, I joined an early stage start up, with only 3 employees.  Over the next 3 years I grew the organisation to over 80 people, in 3 countries and supported over 1000 people into life changing jobs.  But still, I wasn't happy.

If you're ready for some relief, or to stop the constant critic in your mind which assures you that you are still not good enough - then I can help you.  


Using lessons learned over a decade of experience hustling for happiness and worth in all the wrong places, two coach certifications and positive psychology tools I help passionate people to manage their thoughts, energy and well-being so that they can stay in a job they care about without burning out.

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