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Free Guide for Women Who want their FULL VALUE recognised in their year end review

Get the credit you deserve

Discover 10 ways to talk about your value so that your contributions NEVER go unnoticed again (and you don't feel sleazy doing it!).

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Who is Charlotte Rooney?

Leadership & anti-burnout coach for aspirational women who want meaning and purpose in their careers, as well as financial success.

As a former humanitarian aid worker, ex-McKinsey consultant and life long business owner, I know that women like us want it all.

A career with impact, financial reward, peer recognition, interesting problems to solve and challenges aplenty. But also time for ourselves, our families & friends and to sleep!

I'm committed to building a world where that is not only possible, but is the norm, by helping thousands of women to build the world they believe in, without burning out. 

That's why I have dedicated the last few years (since my own burnout) to learning all about how to optimise work / life fit for the next generation of C suite leaders, and helping my clients to define and achieve success in ways that genuinely feel good.

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