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Leadership Coach, Burnout Coach, Women's leadership coach

Women's leadership coach

A Half Managed Mind offers 1:1 coaching for managers who are tired of the tug of war between their boss, their team & their own needs. Using our proven framework you can become an impactful leader, without sacrificing your family, free time or your identity & values.
Because success shouldn't come at the cost of a life you love.

Are you...?

  • Constantly jumping from meeting to meeting...

  • Feeling out of control of your time & tasks... 

  • Working all hours of the day, night & weekend...

  • Stuck between the needs of your team & the demands from your boss...

  • Doubting that you're making the right decisions or having an impact...

These are all telltale signs you may be stuck in Helicopter Manager Mode - and definitely won't let you be the inspiring leader you want to be.

But with the right mindset and proven support, you can regain control of your time, energy & impact, and evolve into your next level identity as a truly authentic leader.

Leadership coach for women, Burnout coach Image by Beatriz Pérez Moya


Burnout is not inevitable 

Did you know that whether you do or don't burnout is largely a matter of choice, even in a high pressure environment?  

You have far more control over how you feel than you might think. 

You can love your work

You're committed to making the world a better place, even in some small way.  Your work matters to you, but you're not loving your day to day.

Whether you want to go all the way to the C suite or not, it is possible to be a more impactful leader.

And be a great leader

Without compromising on what matters to you, becoming just another corporate mouthpiece or having to hide your personality.

Empowered leadership as your authentic self is not only possible - it's the best way!

Work with me

Burnout Coach for women

1:1 Leadership Coaching

This leadership coaching is for you if you  know you can't go on like this.


When you don't have time to do your own job because you're too busy fighting fires to lead your team, it's time to learn how to manage your mind, mindset & body so that you can continue to thrive.

Over 90 days you'll follow my tried & tested framework for managing your team with ease, compassion & efficiency. 


You'll learn how to get more done with less effort, while building an inspired & empowered team.

Leadership Coach, Career Coach, Women's leadership coach

Group Leadership Coaching & Mentoring 

Join an inclusive group of likeminded women on the same leadership journey as you.

Learn the critical four pillars for PEAK Leadership success and how to apply them in your team, so that you can create the time & space to actually LEAD your team. 

Understand the secrets of great leaders everywhere, how to use neuroscience to keep your team motivated & smashing targets and the most underused skill of women leaders.

Over 3 months, you'll learn everything you need to know to become the highest performing & most in demand manager in your department, if not the company.

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